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The Republic of Equatorial Guinea



The Republic of Equatorial Guinea is located in Central Africa. The insular area, home to Malabo, includes the islands of Corisco, Elobey Grande, Elobey Chico, Cocoteros, Konga, Mbagne and several islets. At 600 km from the continent, Annobon it the most-distant island. The mainland is home to the city of Bata.
The official language of Equatorial Guinea is Spanish; French and Portuguese are its second and third official languages. Indigenous languages include Bubi, Ndowe, Bisio, Fadambo and Crillo.


Equatorial Guinea tropical, with heavy rains of up to 1500 or 2500 mm per year. The island of Bioko has a two-season climate including a dry season from November to March and a rainy season from April to October. Annobon has a similar climate although the dry season runs from June to October and a wet season from November to May. Warm ocean currents greatly influence the climate and the mean annual temperature is 25°C. Global warming is also affecting the country's climate.

The mainland region has two dry seasons, the first from December to mid-February and the longer from July to September, and two rainy seasons, from March to June and from September to November. The mid-June Annual Meetings fall in the rainy season.

Currency and exchange

Equatorial Guinea is part of the Central African Economic and Monetary Community which uses the CFA franc, which is pegged to the Euro at €1 = 655.957 FCFA. Convertible currencies can be freely exchanged at banks, bureaux de change and major hotels.


National and international telecommunications and Internet services are available in all major hotels and residences in Malabo.
Telecommunications in Equatorial Guinea are available through fixed telephone lines, broadband and fibre optics systems. Cellular network operators (GETESA, MUNI, GECOMSA, APX) use the international GSM system. Customers can choose contract or prepaid-cards that are sold through authorized distributors and are also available in shopping centres. A 500 MB 3G mobile Internet package will cost approximately 5000 FCFA.


Standard electrical voltage in Equatorial Guinea is 220 volts. Outlets use standard European (French standard) plugs.