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Visa requirements


Participants are kindly informed that the Zambian Government has committed itself to grant visas to all delegates to the 2016 AfDB Annual Meetings and related meetings to be held in Lusaka, Zambia from 23rd to 27th May 2016.

*Important notice to delegates: For those nationals that require visas to enter Zambia and may not manage to obtain visas prior to their departure from their respective countries, the Zambian Government shall issue them with single entry visas at a fee of US $50 at the port of entry.

The Government of the Republic of Zambia will expedite entry and customs formalities for members of delegations who have provided the General Secretariat with their flight numbers, arrival dates and port of entry into Zambia.

The Secretary General will advise the Zambian Government of delegates’ expected arrival times in those cases where such information has been provided in advance. To facilitate expeditious immigration formalities, delegates should provide in advance the following information: name, country of issuance of passport, date of arrival and port of entry. Each delegate is therefore encouraged to complete and return the appropriate form in the Registration Package and type or print their names in the following order; i.e. first name(s) and/or initials, then last name/family name. If the family name is not the last name, please indicate clearly by underlining the family name.

VIP facilities will be available for Heads of Delegations upon arrival through the VIP Lounges at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport. Other participants shall go through the arrival lounges. Moreover, all security procedures (for boarding the airplanes) will also apply in the VIP Lounges. Participants are advised to check clearly with their travel agents or airlines about the maximum kilograms allowed for their luggage especially in cases where this would involve travelling with more than one airline and/or in different classes.

Clearance with the relevant authorities in the Republic of Zambia will have to be obtained before entry if a participant is importing special goods, firearms, etc. 

Nationals who require visas to enter Zambia