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Africa Development Report 2012


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African Development Report

African Development Report is an annual publication prepared by the Research Department and has become an important source of analysis and information on developments in Africa. Each year, the Report provides an update on key macroeconomic and sectoral developments and provides an in-depth analysis of an important development topic critical for Africa’s development prospects.

Event Description

In line with the theme of the Annual Meetings 2013, Africa’s Structural Transformation, the Development Research Department of the African Development Bank in cooperation with the Energy, Environment and Climate Change Department has focussed the African Development Report (ADR) 2012 entitled “Towards Green Growth in Africa” on the environmental dimension of structural transformation.

The ADR offers an evidence-based discussion of the necessity and feasibility of pursuing a green growth pathway on the African continent. The report points out why green growth as a new development paradigm is both a necessity and opportunity for the challenges of the 21st century such as environmental degradation, climate change, population growth, and the transformation of markets. The report explores different sectoral green growth solutions, highlighting the scope for “greening” agriculture, forestry and other natural resources, clean energy and sustainable transportation.

The report shows that these solutions not only result in environmental benefits, but also contribute to the economic development of Africa and meet social needs. For example, renewable energy technologies contribute to the low carbon development of the energy sector, but also alleviate energy poverty and offer new job opportunities. The Report also shows how best to approach technology transfer and climate and environment finance to leverage the transition to green growth in Africa.

The report concludes by outlining the enabling environment to facilitate green growth in Africa and by offering guidance on the Bank´s likely future engagements in this field. The purpose of the side event are to: (i) share the findings of the African Development Report 2012; (ii) outline the possibilities of a green growth strategy in Africa; (iii) show how the findings can be used for development planning and offer entry points for the engagement of the AfDB to facilitate green growth