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Civil Society Organizations (CSO) Forum


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Event Description

The African Development Bank will host a Civil Society Organizations (CSO) Forum during its 2013 Annual Meetings in Marrakech, Morocco. In line with the Bank Framework for Enhanced Engagement with Civil Society Organizations, which was adopted by the Board of Directors in 2012, the CSO Forum will provide an opportunity to strengthen the partnership between Civil Society Organizations and the African Development Bank Group.

In continuation to the adoption of the Framework, that strongly emphasizes cooperation between Civil Societies and the Bank, the Gender and Social Development Monitoring Division (ORQR4) decided to devote this day to three departments of the Bank, whose missions are central to the purpose of the new Framework. The three key departments include the Secretary General’s office (SEGL), the Integrity and Anti-corruption Department (IACD) and the Unit of Compliance and Mediation (CRMU).


The overall objective of the Forum is to strengthen the partnership between the Bank and CSO’s across Africa, by proving a platform for dialogue and information exchange.

The Forum is organized with CSOs in mind and provides an opportunity to discuss important issues concerning:

  • The Bank’s new disclosure policy and access to information;
  • Integrity and the fight against corruption
  • The Independent Inspection Mechanisms (IIM).


Thirty members from diverse CSO’s across Africa have been invited to participate in this year’s Forum. Also included are staff and Senior Management from the Bank.

The forum will be fully participatory. Participants will be offered the opportunity to actively interact in dialogue and discussion and to share their experiences concerning the topics.

All interested parties are encouraged to participate. A special invitation is extended to members of the Board of Directors, Managers and Staff of the Bank.