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Before Arrival in Marrakech


General Visa Information

Moroccan legislation on the entry and stay of foreigners in Morocco provides that any foreigner wishing to travel to Morocco must hold a valid passport or any other document, issued by the country of which he is a national, that is recognized as a travel document by the Moroccan Government (Law No. 02-03 of 11 November 2003 on entry and stay of foreigners in the Kingdom of Morocco, irregular emigration and immigration).

Passport or travel document control may also concern the means of livelihood and motives for travelling to Morocco and guarantee of repatriation, in accordance with immigration laws and regulations.

The following may be denied entry into Morocco by the competent border control authorities:

  • Any foreigner who fails to fulfill these conditions or meet the requirements specified by the provisions above or by immigration laws and regulations;
  • Any foreigner whose presence poses a threat to public law and order or who is the subject of an exclusion or expulsion order.

Any foreigner refused entry has the right to inform or cause to be informed the person he/she indicated that he/she had to visit, the consulate of his/her country or any lawyer of his/her choice of such refusal.

The travel documents of nationals of countries subject to the visa requirement must include a visa issued by the Moroccan Government. Participants in the Annual Meetings of the African Development Bank Group to be held in Marrakech from countries where Morocco has no diplomatic representation may obtain their visa on arrival upon presentation of a letter from the Moroccan authorities.

Length of Stay

Stay in Morocco, for purposes of tourism, is limited to three months for foreigners exempt from the visa requirement and to the period of validity of the visa for those subject thereto. Where a foreigner wishes to extend his/her stay in Morocco beyond the visa validity period or three months, if he/she is not subject to the visa requirement, he/she must obtain authorization from the competent Moroccan authority (General Directorate for National Security) so as not to be placed in an irregular immigration situation.

Morocco Entry Requirements for Foreign Nationals Whose Countries are Exempt from the Visa Requirement

A passport or any other travel document recognized by the Moroccan Government is required. The period of validity of the passport or travel document must cover at least the duration of stay in Morocco (no less than three months).

N.B.: UN experts with UN passports or laissez-passer do not require a visa to enter Morocco.

African Development Bank staff with an AfDB laissez-passer do not require a visa to enter Morocco.

Morocco Entry Requirements for Foreign Nationals Whose Countries are Subject to the Visa Requirement

In accordance with the provisions of Law No. 02-03 on the entry and stay of foreigners in Morocco, the valid travel documents of foreign nationals whose countries are subject to the visa requirement must include an entry visa issued by the Moroccan authorities. The visa is granted in accordance with instructions given by the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation within the framework of the general provisions adopted jointly with the Ministry of the Interior and the General Directorate for National Security.

Visa Application Procedure

Documents to be submitted to Moroccan diplomatic and consular missions for a Moroccan visitor's visa:

  • 3 copies of visa application form for entry into the Kingdom of Morocco
  • 3 recent (4 x 3 cm) white background color passport-sized photographs clearly showing facial features
  • 1 copy of a valid passport (pages indicating: identity and validity)
  • Identity card or residence permit
  • Passport
  • Return ticket
  • Hotel reservation or evidence of family accommodation
  • Evidence of means of livelihood
  • Chancellery dues and legal and formality fees.

Moroccan Diplomatic Representations Abroad

All participants applying for a visa should contact the Embassy of Morocco in their country of residence.

For countries where Morocco is not represented, applications should be sent to the diplomatic missions accredited to the countries or to Honorary Consuls. In the absence of these representations, applications should be sent directly to the Moroccan Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Directorate of Consular and Social Affairs - Rabat for the submission of a visa application at the airport.

N.B.: Diplomatic and consular missions reserve the right to request additional supporting documents depending on the visa type and purpose of visit.


No vaccination certificate is required for visitors from Europe and America. A cholera vaccination certificate may be required for visitors from areas affected by the disease. Malaria treatment is not necessary.

Air Transport

Many airlines fly directly to Morocco.



Phone and Fax Numbers


Aigle Azur Maroc

Marrakech Menara Airport, Marrakech

Tel: 00212 661 34 82 27

Aigle Azur Maroc Website

Atlas Blue

Marrakech Menara Airport, Marrakech

Tel: 00212 524 42 42 00

Atlas Blue Website

British Airways

Marrakech Menara Airport, Marrakech

Tel: 00212 524 44 89 51 

British Airways Website

Brussels Airlines

Marrakech Menara Airport, Marrakech


Brussels Airlines Website


Marrakech Menara Airport, Marrakech

Tel: 003 49 15 87 87 87

Iberia Website


Marrakech Menara Airport, Marrakech

Tel: 00212 524 44 80 80

Transavia Website

Turkish Airlines

Marrakech Menara Airport, Marrakech


Turkish Airlines Website

Easy Jet

Marrakech Menara Airport, Marrakech

Tel: 00 44 84 31 04 54 54

Easy Jet Website


(1) Marrakech Menara Airport, Marrakech
(2) 4, lotiss. La Colline, Sidi Maârouf. 20270 Casablanca

Tel: 00212 522 78 59 60

Ryanair Website


11, av de l'Armée Royale, Quartier: Centre Ville, 20000 Casablanca

Tel: 00212 522 20 51 00

Alitalia Website

Air Arabia

Mohammed V Airport, Terminal 2, Nouasseur

Tel: 00212 522 53 64 00

Air Arabia Website

Air France

197, avenue Mohammed V Guéliz, Marrakech

Tel: 00212 890 20 18 18

Air France Website

Air Berlin

Rue Oujda ang. av Hassan II imm. Aicha 1° étage, 80000 Agadir

Tel: 00212 528 82 19 37 / 00212 528 82 19 36

Air Berlin Website


Agence Comanav Voyages, Rue Imam Chafii Kawkab Center - GUELIZ,  Marrakech

Tel:  00212 524 43 76 43
Fax: 00212 524 43 76 43

Jet4you Website

Agence Holidays Services, Complexe Kawkeb Center Rue Imam Chafai - Jnane El Harti Gueliz -BP 644-40000, Marrakech

Tel: 00212 524 44 75 64
Fax: 00212 524 44 43 16

Jet4you Website

Agence KTI Voyages, 173 BD Mohamed V, Marrakech

Tel:  00212 524 44 61 92
Fax: 00212 524 43 10 97

Jet4you Website

Palm Air Aviation

Route Menara, n°158, Essaada, appt. 8 40000 - Marrakech

Tel: 00212 524 43 30 84

Palm Air Aviation Website

Royal Air Maroc (Agency)

197, bd Mohammed V Marrakech

Tel: 00212 524 36 85 14 /
08 090 000 800
Baggage claim: 00212 524 36 85 21

Royal Air Maroc (Agency) Website

Sud Fret

Bd Allal Elfassi , résid. Jawahir, 3°ét. n°9 Marrakech

Tel: 00212 524 31 19 73
Fax: 00212 524 30 67 16


Reservation Office

Marrakech Menara Airport, Marrakech

Tel: 00212 524 43 22 56