Health Services


Basic medical services will be provided at the Conference Centre. The Government of Rwanda has designated King Faysal Hospital as the main health facility for delegates who might require medical treatment during the Annual Meetings. First Aid services will be provided at the Conference Centre by an emergency medical team of health personnel that will be stationed at the Serena Hotel. Other hospitals dedicated for offering services during the Annual Meetings are: Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Kigali, Kanombe Military Hospital, Hopital Croix du Sud. However, it is highly recommended that delegates with special health needs take with them their medication. In addition, delegates are advised to take preventive medication against malaria.

Hospitals and Special Assistance for Emergencies in Kigali



Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de  Kigali (CHUK)

Dr. Theobald  Hategeka

Phone: (+25)0788305531

Email : hategekatheos@yahoo.fr


Emergency calls CHUK: (+25)0725222023


King Faisal Hospital

Dr Emile Rwamasirabo

Phone: (+25)0788356647

Email: erwamasirabo@gmail.com


Emergency calls KFH : (+25)252589905


Rwanda Military Hospital

Dr Ben Karenzi

Phone: (+25)0788301802

Email: benkarenzi@gmail.com


Emergency calls RMH: (+25)0783801846


La Croix du Sud Hospital

Dr Jean-Chryso. Nyirinkwaya

Phone: (+25)0788300261

Email: jcnkwaya@gmail.com


Emergency calls La Croix du Sud : 2025


Maj. Ignace Kabagema

Phone : (+25)0788532543

Email: ignace.kabagema@gmail.com


Emergency call centre: 912


Mr. John Uwitonze

Phone: (+25)0788638414

Email: camujohn@gmail.com


Mrs. Jeanne Nyinawankusi

Phone: (+25)0788485859

Email: nkusidarka@yahoo.fr

MoH Environmental Health Desk

Mr. Joseph Katabarwa

Phone: (+25)0787674342

Email: katabarwa.theodomily@gmail.com

Emergency calls

112 , 113 , 0788311163