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Civil Society Panel


DATE: Thursday 25 May 2017                                          TIME: 10:00 – 12:00


  • Ms. Sipho Moyo, Director, Special Operations, AfDB


  • Dr. Sudarshan Suryawanshi, CEO, India Society of Agri-Business Professionals (ISAP)
  • Dr. Khurana Kamal, CEO, Federation of Indian Farmer Producer Organizations and Aggregators (FIFA)
  • Ms. Dorothy Mukhebi, Deputy Director, African Women in Agricultural Research
  • Ms.Lucy Muchoki, CEO, Pan African Agribusiness and Agroindustry Consortium, Kenya
  • Mr. David Wilcox, Social Change Leader and the Founder of ReachScale


  • Ms. Julie Gichuru, News Anchor, KBC

Civil Society is a major constituency in African development process. Decades ago it was often viewed as an opposition to other development stakeholders—especially governments. Today civil society organisations have forged partnerships with governments and businesses, and are engaged in official consultation processes of multilateral organisations such as the G20 and the United Nations. Over the last few years, gains have been made in policy advocacy at the global level exemplified by the success in influencing the G8 agenda for Africa, the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCC) Paris Agreement on Climate Change and the development of global voluntary standards for industry. The civil society plays a critical role in the fight against hunger. It also possesses knowledge and expertise on a wide range of issues related to food security and agricultural transformation. The AfDB is committed to enhancing partnership with Civil Society to deliver on its High 5s Agenda.

This panel will discuss strategies for enhanced partnership between state and non-state actors and multilateral development agencies such as the AfDB. Civil society organisations will have the opportunity to reflect on their role as partners with the AfDB, and agents for change in the implementation of the High 5s agenda. This will also offer an opportunity for the civil society to engage senior Bank management on the issues surrounding the agenda agriculture transformation in Africa. The panel will include representatives of the following groups:

  • Watchdogs – those that hold institutions/governments accountable
  • Advocates – those that raise awareness on social issues and work on policy change
  • Service providers – those that deliver services to the vulnerable and enhance access for the vulnerable
  • Experts – those bringing unique knowledge on communities and building collectives
  • Capacity builders – those providing training and education
  • Incubators – those developing solutions that have long gestation periods for communities and building collectives to access
  • Representative – those that give power the voice of marginalized (fragile states)
  • Solidarity supporters and citizen champions – those that promote fundamental and universal rights (environmental issues, land rights etc.). 

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