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2019 Governors' Digest


FOREWORD: Abdelmajid Mellouki Dean of the Board of Directors African Development Bank Group Dean of the Board of Directors

Our annual meetings are an opportunity for the Governors to communicate the vision and directives that will guide the Bank Group’s affairs in the coming years, as well as offering a chance to reflect on progress made.

Despite a persistently unfavourable global climate, the Bank Group has made remarkable progress over the past few years. It has consolidated its strategic priorities with the adoption of the High 5s, has pursued internal reforms to strengthen its institutional framework, and has become more agile and effective in respect of its services. The Bank Group has striven to establish closer ties with its clients by promoting a new model for development and by raising awareness about its services. It must be said that the implementation model has encountered some difficulties that the Bank’s senior management will need to address. Meanwhile, the Bank Group has expanded its lending, investment and grant programmes as well as its technical assistance to regional member countries. Throughout the Bank’s work, its central concern has been to innovate and overcome obstacles formerly considered insurmountable, as our beloved continent continues on its path to becoming an emerging economy.

2019 Governors' Digest