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Ali Kooli


Minister of Economy, Finance and Investment Support, Government of Tunisia, African Development Governor for Tunisia

Ali Kooli has over 33 years experiences in the financial and banking sector in Europe, MENA region and Asia. He has been Managing Director and Board Member in different banks.

He is the Governor of the Republic of Tunisia in various International Financial Institutions (IBRD, BAD, BERD, BEI, FADES, BADEA…etc).

Ali Kooli began his banking career at the Union of Arab and French Banks “UBAF”, a subsidiary of Credit Lyonnais, and served as Deputy CEO of UBAF Japan from 1995 to 1998.

In 1998, he joined Société Générale Bank as Head of the Development and worked on several M&A transactions.

From 2002, he served successively as Chief Executive Officer of UIB Tunisia ( Société Générale subsidiary ) and Managing Director and Board member of Société Générale Bank Jordan.

Prior to his appointment at the Tunisian Government, Ali Kooli has been in charge for the last decade of Group Bank ABC  activities Maghreb’s and served since 2010 as Managing Director of Bank ABC Tunisia, Chairman of the board of ABC Bank Algeria since 2016 and Chairman of Arab Leasing Company Algeria since 2016 as well.

Ali Kooli has a master’s degree in business administration from Lyon Business School in France.

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Minister for Finance, Economic Planning and Trade, African Development Bank Governor of the Seychelles
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