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Anne-Marie Dias Borges is a Franco-Cape-Verdean journalist who is fluent in French, English, Portuguese and Spanish and has worked extensively in TV and radio over the past 19 years. She currently works as a Senior Broadcast Journalist and TV Anchor for the BBC in London. 

Her experience in front, but also behind the camera, has enabled her to develop charisma and a keen sense of impartiality which she has been able to showcase during the numerous international conferences and high-level panels she has hosted over the years. Among which are The World Bank's Spring Meetings and the European Investment Bank's Africa Day.
Anne-Marie began her career in 2002 at BBC Afrique radio, in London. During her 9 years at this network, she was voted "most popular presenter" on numerous occasions. In Paris, she worked as Chief Information Officer and TV Anchor for Africa24 TV - "The African CNN"! There, she hosted a weekly political TV debate called "Polititia". The show was watched by millions of viewers each week and as a result, Anne-Marie became a household name in various francophone countries. 

When she is not on air, she likes to contribute to non-governmental and charitable activities, notably in Cabo-Verde where she has organised two successful anti-drugs campaigns, in partnership with the United Nations. 

President, Democratic Republic of the Congo
Minister for Finance and Economic Planning, Chair, Boards of Governors, African Development Bank
President, African Development Bank Group
Ministre du Plan et du Développement, Gouverneur de la Banque africaine de développement pour la Côte d’Ivoire
Minister of Economy, Finance and Investment Support, Government of Tunisia, African Development Governor for Tunisia
Minister for Finance, Economic Planning and Trade, African Development Bank Governor of the Seychelles
Assistant Secretary for Multilateral, Development and Trade Affairs, Ministry of the Economy, Finance and the Recovery, France , African Development Bank Alternate Governor for France
Minister of Finance, African Development Bank Governor for Algeria
Minister of Finance, Ethiopia, African Development Bank Governor for Ethiopia
State Secretary, International Development, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Governor of the African Development Bank for Norway
Minister of Economy, Planning and International Cooperation, Senegal, Governor of the African Development Bank for Senegal
Deputy Director-General International Bureau, Ministry of Finance, Temporary Governor of the African Development Bank for Japan
Undersecretary of International Financial Relations for Development, Secretariat of Strategic Affairs, Presidency of the Argentine Republic, Governor of the African Development Bank for Argentina
Permanent Secretary - Economic Management and Finance Ministry of Finance, African Development Bank Temporal Governor for Zambia
Governor of the Central Bank of Egypt, Governor of the African Development Bank for Egypt
Honourable Minister of Finance, Budget & National Planning / African Development Bank Governor for Nigeria
State Minister of Finance for Economic Cooperation, Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia
Minister of Water, Forest, the Sea and Environment Gabon
Director, Africa Centres for Disease Control and Prevention
Ambassador for Climate Change, Canada
Director General of the World Trade Organisation
President for COP 26
Deputy Secretary-General, Executive Office of the Secretary-General (EOSG)
President of the Assembly and the Chair of the Council, Global Green Growth Institute
Regional Director for Africa, World Health Organization
Vice Chairman and Partner at Global Infrastructure Partners.
Managing Director, International Monetary Fund
President, Korea Health Industry Development Institute (KHIDI)
Executive Director, Green Climate Fund
Founder & CEO, Mobihealth International, Nigeria
CEO, Global Center on Adaptation
Founder and CEO, Kiri EV
Founder & CEO, Sinnot Technologies
CEO, IDB Invest
Director & Co-Founder, MSCAN Uganda
Journalist and Co-Founder, Moderate the Panel
Broadcaster and Entrepreneur, Moderate the Panel