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Thematic Knowledge Event 1 - Building Resilient Digital Economies for Africa : Delivering Effective Infrastructure and Services for Green Economic Growth

Africa’s digital and ICT sectors have been major success stories over the last 20 years. The Knowledge Event will bring together infrastructure providers, tech entrepreneurs, and investors, as conversation starters, and Government panelists to discuss how Africa can accelerate green economic growth via digital platforms. Two key themes will be explored: (i) Delivering Resilient Broadband - the base infrastructure in the digital age -and (ii) Driving Digital Innovation, Adoption and Entrepreneurship.

ADF @ 50 : African Development Fund Golden Jubilee

As the ADF turns 50 in 2022, it is time to celebrate its achievements and paint its future to meet the evolving needs of African countries. ADF operations have changed the lives of millions of Africans, making it a trusted and strategic partner for all its stakeholders. To date, six countries have graduated from ADF and another five can now access the Fund as well as the Bank resources.

The African Development Fund Golden Jubilee Video

First Sitting of the Boards of Governors

Consideration and approval of:
• Provisional agenda
• Report of the Joint Steering Committee
• Report of the Steering Committee of the Board of Governors on the Election of the President
• Report of the Ad Hoc Committee of the Boards of Governors on reforms of the Governance Instruments
• Report of the Standing Committee of the Board of Governors on the conditions of service for Elected Officers

On its 50th anniversary, the African Development Fund draws accolades, gratitude, for its achievements in Africa

The African Development Fund (ADF) has celebrated 50 years of driving socioeconomic development in Africa’s most fragile countries.

Held during the African Development Bank Group’s Annual Meetings—23 to 27 May—the event brought together beneficiaries and donors to speak about the impact and performance of the Fund. It also featured live performance and video.  

Annual Meetings 2022 : ADF @ FIFTY

2022 Governors' Digest

The African Development Bank Group Annual Meetings is that unique time of the year when Governors-along with Executive Directors, Management and staff of the institution-assemble to appraise progress over the preceding 12 months, and to look at the year ahead .

- Mmakgoshi Phetla-Lekhethe, Dean of the Board of Executive Directors

African Development Bank Group