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About Malabo



With a population of 212,000 and an area of 2017 km2, Malabo is the administrative and political capital of the country. Located on the island of Bioko, the city has undergone rapid modern urbanization for a decade and is a model of infrastructure development in Central African and offers visitors a healthy, secure and enjoyable environment. The city is divided into an historic area with its colonial heritage and the new city, Malabo 2, with ultra-modern buildings and a motorway linking the airport to the Sipopo Conference Center.


Tourist attractions and historical monuments


Malabo offers the traveller various tourist centres, hotels, sports complexes, lively nightlife, beautiful beaches, and more. You might like to visit the Malabo National Park, near the Hilton and Anda China Hotels. Its perfect setting places a particular accent on the protection of nature.

In the historic part of town near the port, you can visit the Gothic-style cathedral that has just celebrated its 103rd anniversary, the Equatoguinean Cultural Centre, Parliament, or the Casa Verde. Visitors may also admire the colonial houses in Nigeria and Rey Boncoro Streets or simply stroll out on the harbour bay.

Equatorial Guinea does not yet have a large tourism sector although it does have a range of attractions and places of interest to discover including national parks; Pico Basile peak with its cliffs and volcanoes from which Nigeria and Cameroon are visible; Monte Alen, a natural park dedicated to wildlife conservation; waterfalls in lush tropical greenery; Lake Moka; wonderful beaches such as Arena Blanca; the port city of Luba; Bubi de Batete village with its wooden church; and the village of Mbini (about 258 km from Malabo).


Shopping in Malabo


Equatorial Guinea is famous for the beauty of its sculptures. Typical souvenirs include wood or stone sculpture, fabrics, masks and pottery.

Weather conditions during the Annual Meetings

The weather is rainy throughout June, with an average temperature of 25°C and relative humidity of around 70%.